SHEPHERD’S LANDING ~ Conversations overheard from a future date

A Theatrical Reading by Joen Dealande’

WHEN: Saturday August 27, 7:30pm.
WHERE: The Commons Theater.
WHAT: A theatrical reading.
COST: Donations welcome.

We have many pictures about how we can get it wrong, end up in the Hunger Games or divided by Factions. But what if we learned? What if we found wisdom? What if we began to speak and listen to the whole world around and within us? There would still be challenges, still be drama but what if we could find a new way of meeting it all? Come to Shepherd’s Landing and meet the future.

Joen Dealande’ is a playwright, speech artist, poet, actress, storyteller, teacher, mother, grandmother. Like everyone she struggles in all of those roles, but more and more she has come to love and appreciate the struggles and the hidden joy that is to be found therein.