Help Secure The Commons

Help us meet our fundraising goal of 300 Foundational Members. Read our letter to supporters here.

It’s quite simple really. If 300 people commit to paying $60/yr or $5/month as a Foundational Member, we will be secure in our ability to pay our basic overhead of $1500/month.

Once we have a fiscal foundation built, program revenues can be earmarked for future programming support such as needed audio/visual equipment, space usage fees can be earmarked for small facility improvements such as door and window weatherization and large donations can be earmarked for the many significant capital improvements needed for this 150 year old building.

Additionally, grant funders like to see local support for a project. Demonstrating at least 300 members who value what we offer will leverage more and larger grants.

If you like what is happening here, appreciate what we offer our community and want to see it continue and improve, consider making the small commitment to become a Foundational Member. In the words of one of our supporters, “I set up $5 a month for auto-pay and I never even feel it!”

Just click on the graphic above to pay online. Or send us a check. Or drop off cash by appointment. It’s that simple.

The Commons appreciates your donations all year.
Thank you for supporting your community and arts center!

Artists and Friends, Inc. dba The Commons is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. All donations are tax-deductible.