The first page of “As You Like It” from the 1623 First Folio, the very first collection of Shakespeare’s works.
“As You Like It” is one of 18 plays that would have been lost if it were not for the First Folio,
because no earlier published editions of the play survive. 

WHEN: Monday August 1 Noon – 4pm.
Please drop by during this time to audition, or schedule ahead by email.
WHERE: The Commons Sky Movement Studio.
WHAT: Auditions… requires preparation (read below).

The Jones Theater Company of Chicago, IL is seeking actors and performers for an
Elizabethan-style production of As You Like It by William Shakespeare.
This will be
one intensive week of rehearsal culminating in two performances at the new
Thoreau College campus on Highway 56 east of town.

We are asking each actor for 24 hours of rehearsal during the week of September 26
to October 2, approximately 4-5 hours each day including Saturday (preceding the
first performance).
Participants can expect their commitment to be in the afternoon
or evening time, unless there is a general need for a different arrangement.

The mission of this project is to support the American theater at the grassroots level
by engaging a group of non-local actors with a group of actors local to Viroqua
We’re talking theater educators, young people, community theaters, and “amateur”
actors, in collaboration with recent college graduates and non-union “professionals”

The out-of-town actors and director, Willie E Jones III, will stay in Viroqua for the
week of rehearsals and performance. All contracts are non-union contracts.
This is a paid opportunity for local actors. If cast, you will receive $125 in exchange
for your participation and enthusiasm!

Please prepare:
● A Shakespeare monologue or sonnet of your choosing.
In addition, you may also share:
● A song; vocal or instrumental... or
● A special skill, if you have one.

Please keep each selection to two minutes or less.