Art Show: PROSPECTIVE FORM ~ Lucien Dante Lazar

WHEN: Show is open to view July 7 – Oct 25 when Free Store is open.
For a private viewing email
Artist’s talk will be available to view here soon, check back.
WHERE: The Commons Cafe Gallery

Artist Statement

Prospective Form is about the wisdom of form, and how it relates to individuality and karma. I explore this reality though the wisdom of my senses, which I consecrate through my process of conceiving art. The process of this research has manifested in various forms of portraiture that strive to unite the universal with the self.

On the one hand, Prospective Form is a retrospective, in that it includes work from the past many years. On the other hand, it is a prospective, in that the karmic trajectory of my artistic mission can be witnessed as a living impulse in each artwork.

My intuition for this exhibition, is that it may invite human beings to be interested in the form of their sense organs as well as the wisdom of their senses. My hope for this exhibition is that it reveals, in rudimentary form, how the Divine Being of Wisdom is the destined self-conscious body of the human being who is reborn by Love. In this light, I wish for Prospective Form to inspire its viewers to intuit the sacredness of their individuality and karma.

As a recently turned twenty-eight year old human being, I consider Prospective Form to be a karmic document expressing my life, my purpose, and my striving to reveal the spiritual mission of art.

~ Lucien Dante Lazar ~ June 27th, 2022

Lucien Dante Lazar (b. Chicago, IL, 1994) is an interdisciplinary artist whose praxis is founded in the intersections of art, science, and spirituality. He received his BA from Bard College (2016), his MFA from California College of the Arts (2020), and is currently working on his PhD in the Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness program at California Institute of Integral Studies. His dissertation will concern the pedagogy of spiritual development through the diversity of the arts.