Paul Ratte’ Lecture Series ~ Obstacles to Cure

WHEN: Monthly Second Saturdays ~ 8:30am Q&A, Lecture 9-10am.
WHERE: The Commons Theater.
WHAT: Monthly Lecture Series on Health & Wellness Topics.
COST: FREE, Donations welcome.

 Join us for a monthly class offering on the second Saturday for practical strategies to improve your health by subtraction rather than addition. Health is not a diagnosis, a supplement, a drug, a device, or a diet. It is the continual engagement and commitment to remove the obstacles to the body’s inherent power to heal. Life is a gift; health is a choice.


2024 Year-long Lecture Series:

 1/13/24 Obstacles to Cure 13: Infection
Build immune function to treat infection
2/10/24 Obstacles to Cure 14: Hunger
A hidden source of inner strength
3/9/24 Obstacles to Cure 15: Sugar
The elephant in the room
4/13/24 Obstacles to Cure 16: Clean Label
How the food industry continues to hide their ingredients
5/11/24 Obstacles to Cure 17: Choice
The paradox of choice
6/8/24 Obstacles to Cure 18: Calories
Stop counting and start feeling
7/13/24 Obstacles to Cure 19: Sclerosis
Avoiding the rigidity of old age
8/10/24 Obstacles to Cure 20: Flour
The myth of whole grains
9/14/24 Obstacles to Cure 21: Nocebo
Stop the stinking thinking
10/12/24 Obstacles to Cure 22: Sort-of Science
Don’t treat hypotheses as fact
11/9/24 Obstacles to Cure 23: Alcohol
The quickest way to trash your health
12/14/24 Obstacles to Cure 24:
Diagnosis Treating people instead of disease  

2023 Year-long Lecture Series:

  • 1/14 Obstacles to Cure 1: Fad Diets
    Diet through awareness and experience instead of dogma.
  • 2/11 Obstacles to Cure 2: Navigating the Supplement Maze
    How do you know they’re working?
  • 3/11 Obstacles to Cure 3: Refined Vegetable Oils
    New fats are worse than old fats.
  • 4/8 Obstacles to Cure 4: Toxins
    Not all toxins come from the outside world.
  • 5/13 Obstacles to Cure 5: Reactive Eating
    Learn to eat proactively.
  • 6/10 Obstacles to Cure 6: Refined Carbohydrates
    Identifying and avoiding empty calories.
  • 7/8 Obstacles to Cure 7: Inflammation
    Is inflammation the cause or the effect?
  • 8/12 Obstacles to Cure 8: Weak Digestion
    Wake up your digestive fire.
  • 9/9 Obstacles to Cure 9: Certainty
    The limits of nutritional research.
  • 10/14 Obstacles to Cure 10: Moderation
    Moderation is a fatal thing…..
  • 11/11 Obstacles to Cure 11: Resilience
    Build your immunity to stress.
  • 12/9 Obstacles to Cure 12: Stagnation
    Lack of flow, movement, and transformation is a cause of disease.