Driftless United for Health Freedom: Building Health for the Community

WHEN: Monthly Fourth Thursdays ~ 6:00-8:00PM.
Next Gathering: April 27.
WHERE: The Commons Theater.
WHAT: Monthly Lecture Series on Health & Wellness Topics.
COST: FREE, Donations welcome.

For more information: duhf@protonmail.com


  • January 26th Dr Paul Grenier, DC & Pastor Kathleen Abel, M.Div – “Allowing Life to Gift You…. Recognizing Your Frequency”
  • February 23rd Prudence Tippins, LMFT – “I and Thou: Personal and Societal Transformation Through Conscious Conflict”
  • March 23rd Robert Karbelnikoff & Seth Jordan – “Is Medical Freedom Necessary for the Health of the Community? A Social Threefold Inquiry”
  • April 27th Claire DeCoster, Frank Wildingway, Liam McGilligan & Caleb DeWitt – “Who are We, What Do We Want? Community Building Using Popular Education and Playback Theater”