The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

WHEN: Friday October 28 ~ 7pm.
Saturday October 29 ~ 7pm.
Sunday October 30 ~ 2pm.

WHERE: The Commons Theater.
WHAT: A ghost story come to life.
COST: $15.00 ~ Foundational Members: $12.00


The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Adeline Van Horn: Tanja Birke
Baltus Van Tassel: James Fuller
Brom Bones: Tullan Baird
Ichabod Crane: Caleb Dewitt
Jack Van Ripper: Ian Baird
Katrina Van Tassel: Elisabeth Baird
Theodora Van Tassel: Barb Andree

Adapted for the stage by Ian Baird.
Directed by Ian and Elisabeth Baird.

Featuring shadow puppetry, period music and entertaining local actors, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow brings to life on stage the spirit of Washington Irving’s classic tale. This fun, spooky story has been entertaining the masses for over two hundred years and still stands the test of time. So grab your pumpkin spice latte, sit back, and enjoy a classic.