Guild Of Dreaming Stars – Gazing Under Infinite Luminous Domes

When 7:00 PM.
Where: The Commons Sky Research Room.
What: Astrology meet-up.
Cost: Freewill donation, proceeds go to The Commons.

All who are interested in the art of Astrology, we invite you to put down your fancy apps and look towards the sky. Our forebears were able to viscerally intuit the vast network of insights and influences that the stars and planets are constantly reflecting back down onto Earth. Let’s claim our inheritance and hone our skills by attempting to actually feel and sense what is happening in the sky.

One easy way to learn much about Astrology is to simply track the movements of the Moon. As she circles the entire Zodiac once per month, visiting every sign – and thereby also visiting every possible aspect and placement therein, we can compile the necessary observations which allows us to comprehend the notable characteristics and signatures of any celestial body. We will make use of this ancient perpetual cycle and attempt to glean whatever we can by checking in on her once a month, from the perspective of each sign.

Our Moon workshops will involve a brief description of the current sky weather, followed by a brief meditative or contemplative moment where we orient ourselves towards the Moon’s physical position and attempt to be open and receptive to what we sense there, and then we will end with a freeform discussion.

All are welcome. Get in touch with for more info.

Please note – the dates of these meet-ups are not based on lunations or ingresses, nor are they on any regular day of the month, they are specifically elected dates for the purpose of these meetings. All start times are at 7:00 PM but the dates vary from month to month.