WHEN: Sunday August 21 5pm.
WHERE: 200 block of Rock Avenue outside of McIntosh Memorial Library.
WHAT: Mixed Precipitation of Minneapolis presents three 20-minute vignettes of Mozart’s opera “The Magic Flute” translated in a youth-friendly way.
COST: FREE with snacks provided.
Bring your own seating and wear a hat!

FOR MORE INFO: Visit www.mcintoshmemoriallibrary.org, call 608-637-7151 or like the “Viroqua Library” Facebook page.

McIntosh Memorial Library, in partnership with The Commons, is pleased to bring The Magic Flute, a Pickup Truck Opera to Viroqua. This is a family-friendly and youth-orientated program.

Mozart’s opera, “The Magic Flute,” is thrust into a not-so-distant future. Featuring fiery arias and epic choruses paired with groovy beats from the ’90s discotheque! Three 20-minute vignettes translate this opera in a youth-friendly way. Expect amazing music, funny characters, color and fun! Bring your own seating and wear a hat! Snacks provided. There is no cost to attend and registration is not required. The opera will be performed by Mixed Precipitation of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

More details: http://mixedprecipitation.org/the-2022-pickup-truck-opera/