Satsang ~ second Sunday of the month

Satsang in Madison WI led by Jai Lynn and Monte

When: SECOND SUNDAY of the month, 11am – Noon.   
Next Satsang: No Satsang November 2023, next session December 10th
Where: The Commons Gallery.   
What: Singing alternating with discussion of spiritual topics.   
Cost: Donation $3/person.   

This gathering is both a transcendental musical event and spiritual discussion led by Jai Lynn and Monte McPheron, local writers and founders of the Integrated Mindfulness Institute.

What is Satsang? Sat = Truth; Sang, short for Sangha = spiritual community. So our spiritual community comes together to support and contemplate truth while strengthening faith and trust. We are all in this together and look forward to connecting with you.

Please email with questions or comments.