Shadows and Lovers Productions presents RISE ~ a local indie horror film

WHEN: Saturday September 24 ~ 2pm ~ 5pm ~ 7pm.
WHERE: The Commons Theater.
WHAT: A midwest indie horror film by Cole Meredith.

A deranged priest gets more than he bargained for when he targets a haunted young girl who claims she has trapped the Devil in her basement. “RISE” is a micro budget independent horror movie shot entirely in the midwest by Shadows and Lovers Productions, written and directed by Cole Meredith.

Gretchen – Bela Candelaria
Direman – Cole Meredith
Sheriff Keaton – Carolyn Baker
Father Stone – Paul Salzer
Marcus – Jeremy Frandrup
Jud – Ted Parrish
The Clown – Josh Candelaria
Uncle Todd – Christopher Lee Park-Goldman
Music – Michael Oosten, Knocker
Cinematography – SunDee Jones, Cole Meredith
Editor – Cole Meredith
Creative Consultant – Bela Candelaria
Producer – SunDee Jones
Writer and Director – Cole Meredith