Practical Threefolding

When: October 12-15 and March 14-17
Where: The Commons
Cost: sliding scale register here

A course with Seth Jordan and Robert Karp, in partnership with Threefold Driftless

Two sessions: October 12-15, 2023, & March 14-17, 2024

“If you wish to achieve a goal that has truth and is filled with reality, there is nothing else to be done than to work in a practical manner out of the impulse of threefolding… All of life’s institutions implicitly contain a threefold nature.”  – Rudolf Steiner

Social threefolding seeks to balance and harmonize the cultural, economic, and political spheres of society. But how do we work with all three of these dimensions in our day-to-day lives? What does this look like in our homes, organizations, and local communities? And, even more importantly, how do we make our personal and local work fruitful for the larger social transformation that our world so desperately needs?

This course will seek to ground threefolding in our direct experience through three kinds of activity:

  • Conversations, presentations, and study to deepen our understanding of current events and the threefold nature of social life
  • Biography work and social-artistic activities to help us refine our unique sense of social purpose and develop our skills as social artists and initiative takers
  • Theory U based exercises and collaborative research projects to deepen and support one another’s work and initiatives in the world

Through this course we hope to create an inspired learning community as well as foster a network of local threefolding initiatives. If you think you might want to take initiative in your local area, we encourage you to invite potential colleagues to this course. 

Participants in both sessions of the course will have access to optional online meet-ups with guest speakers, collaborations, and one-on-one mentoring. If you can’t participate in both sessions, you’re welcome to sign up for just one.

No prior knowledge of threefolding is necessary. All are welcome to attend.


At least two essays by Rudolf Steiner will be assigned:

  • “Brotherhood and the Struggle for Existence,” for the October workshop
  • “Anthroposophy and the Social Question,” for the March workshop


Both the October 12-15 workshop and March 14-17 workshop will begin on Thursday evening and end Sunday midday.


The Commons in Viroqua, Wisconsin. (Viroqua is located in the beautiful Driftless region of western Wisconsin, which has a number of cultural and recreational opportunities. If you have the time, consider staying a few extra days to enjoy this unique place.)


Sliding scale $250-$500 for the course (or $150-$300 for a single session). This includes meals, but not housing (affordable local homestays and camping options are available, in addition to hotels and b&bs.). Anyone who wants to attend this course is welcome to attend regardless of what they can contribute—we don’t turn people away for financial reasons. See the registration form for more info.

Other logistics

These sessions are community events where everyone helps with the cooking, cleaning, and other hosting duties. This allows us to keep the costs low, have more fun, and build a stronger sense of community.


Seth Jordan is a writer and organizer. He recently created a distance learning course in social threefolding ( and writes at The Whole Social (

Robert Karp is a writer, educator, and consultant whose work is informed by the insights of Rudolf Steiner and social threefolding. You can learn more about Robert on his website at

For more info or to register

Feel free to email us at if you have any questions about the event, or register here.