When: Nov. 18, 19, 20 at 7:30pm. Nov. 21 at 2:00pm.
Where: The Commons Theater
Cost: $10 at the door

The play is told by Li’l Bit, from her viewpoint of being eleven years old to the present day. Her uncle, Peck, has fallen in love with her since the day she was born and as she grows up his love follows an inappropriate path. Li’l Bit understands this and in the end drives away into her own life, leaving her ancestors and their antiquated ideas behind. The play offers insight into the mind of both the predator and his victim so the audience sees the language that Uncle Peck uses to ‘groom’ his niece.

The Players will present this as a staged reading. Actors will have scripts in hand while moving around the stage and acting to deliver this story.  At all times the audience will be aware that we are telling a story, which provides a comfort to the audience by distancing them from the emotional context. A Greek style chorus of ancestral ghosts support the story by playing different characters and making commentary, often with humor.

The play was chosen immediately after the governor of Texas declared that women in his state don’t have to worry about getting abortions from incest or rape because Texas was going to get rid of all the rapists. This play is being held up as a falsehood to that statement. The Players hope that people will support socially relevant theater as empowerment through understanding.

For more information check out The Commons Viroqua Facebook page, or contact the director at kob.book@yahoo.com.


Lil Bit – Dodie Whitaker

Peck – Luke Erickson

Chorus – Sara Tedeschi, Cele Wolf, Kathy Casper, M’Lou Wilke, Gereon Wellhouse, Craig Anderson

Driving Instructor – Barb Andree

Please email programs@thecommonsviroqua.org with questions or comments.