Eurythmy with Joshua Ecklund ~ weekly

When: Fridays 5pm-6pm
Where: Sky movement studio (upstairs)
Cost: Donations welcome.

The movement art of eurythmy draws upon profound spiritual insight.

Every gesture of eurythmy engages body, soul and spirit.

In addition to being a beautiful performing art, eurythmy is a therapeutic modality, a special subject in schools, a tool in business consulting and team building.

Eurythmy was envisioned in the early 20th century by Dr. Rudolf Steiner, a visionary scientist of the spirit, whose mission it was to forge a fully conscious path of the spirit for the modern human being. In addition to giving thousands of lectures and writing many books, Rudolf Steiner also worked vigorously in the fields of practical social renewal through the arts and the sciences. And one of his most creative contributions is Eurythmy, an art of movement that brings mindfulness and movement together in a completely contemporary practice.