Epic & Lyric Poetry ~ Steiner School of Speech Arts Student Sharing

WHEN: Wednesday, December 28 ~ 4:00 PM.
WHERE: The Commons DIning Room.
WHAT: An offering of Epic and Lyric poetry by Students of The Steiner School of Speech Arts, Spring Valley New York. 
COST: FREE, Donations welcome.

FOR MORE INFO: Email Joen Dealande’ bjd6063@gmail.com

Three traveling magi from the Steiner School of Speech Arts in Chestnut Ridge, New York, (Carley Horan, Joen Dealande, and Neil Golder) will meet up in Viroqua during the Holy Nights. They plan to share some of the pieces they have been working on. The program is still not set in stone, but suffice to say it will be two hours of Lyric and Epic poetry. You may hear from the Romantics, a Shakespearean sonnet or two, some poems from Robert McFarlane’s Lost Words, perhaps some Longfellow, Tennyson or a piece of the Elder Edda in Old Icelandic. We are very excited to hear what treasures and gifts they will bring!