“Ecosystems as Models for Restoring our Economies”–Talk & Booksigning

When: Saturday, November 6, 2021 3:00pm
Where: The Commons Theater and Cafe
Cost: Free and Open to the Public. There will be a book-signing and refreshments in the cafe following the talk

You are invited to a unique talk and book-signing:
“Ecosystems as Models for Restoring our Economies”
a new book by John Giordanengo.

This talk is based on a new book by John Giordanengo, M.S., C.E.R.P., Ecosystems as Models for Restoring our Economies.  Topping thirty years of work and research in ecology, economics, and business, Giordanengo describes the core structure of our economies and ecosystems, while shedding light on universal rules that inform the resilience and productivity of both systems. Stemming from our collective knowledge of ecological restoration, this book proposes a path for restoring our economies to a healthy state, and in the process strengthen our resistance to a future of expected global turmoil. If you believe ecosystems cannot possibly hold the clues to economic restoration, may this talk and book inspire you to think again.

To learn more about the book, visit: www.GrowingIn.org Thank you to The Heritage Inn for supporting this program.

Some Early Book Reviews: “…Giordanengo points out that it is the built-in strategy of natural systems to increase energy capture, increase diversity, and to maximize the recycling of nutrients within the system beginning at the local level…” – Mark Shepard, Farmer Member of Organic Valley Cooperative.

“Giordanengo provides a comprehensive synthesis of ecological foundations and economic structure, sorely lacking in our quest to develop sustainable economies in the face of growing economic and environmental turmoil. From the roots of ecological restoration, this book delivers a clear path to restoring the American economy, in a way that speaks in a universal language to policy makers, business owners, academics and the next generation. The identification of three drivers of highly resilient and productive economies and ecosystems—diversity, energy, and trade—is perhaps the most important insight to resolving growing tensions between society, nature, and the global market economy. This book provides hope for species, ecosystems and the planet.”~ Kingsley Dixon, Vice chair of the global board of directors, Society for Ecological Restoration.

Ecosystems as Models to Restoring our Economies appeals to a broad range of people across ages, values, and political beliefs, and will change the way we live our lives. I’ll be sending this book to many people in my life moving forward, and believe it should be required reading for high schools, colleges, and any other educational program.”~ Morgan Day, Urban Planning and Sustainability Writer

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