Building Health for the Community

When: Thursday May 12 6:30pm – 8pm
Where: The Commons Theater
Cost: Free – Donations are appreciated.

May 12th: Ryan Evans, Master Level Evolutionary Astrologer – “Spiritual Health Through Our Connection with Nature and Her Seasons

Astrology is misnamed. It has nothing, or little, to do with the stars. Our ancestors, some not so distant, had to rely on their observance of the Seasonal Cycles to orchestrate their continued survival.
From the migration of the Caribou to the harvest of the Raspberries, our existence has depended on our necessary engagements with Nature and in rhythm with her. We don’t harvest wild raspberries in January! This simple wisdom is the actual foundation of Astrology.
In this presentation, Ryan Evans takes us on a journey through the psychological, emotional, and spiritual messages inherent in each season and how to maximize and make use of the motivating operatives of each next rung in the spiral of our personal and collective evolution.
Ryan Evans is a Master Certified Teacher with the Steven Forrest School of Evolutionary Astrology. A professional Astrologer for 15 years, he combines his knowledge of the Astrological Archetypology with his 25 years as an Organic Flower Farmer.

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