BURNING MAN – MOVIE and DISCUSSION with an Artist and a Filmmaker


When: Friday, Sept. 30, 7:00-9:30 p.m.
Where: The Commons Theater
What: Film and Discussion with Dave X-Fire Art Safety Team Manager, Artist Antwane Lee, and Filmmaker Mona Wu
Cost: Donation

UPDATE: DAVE X just back from four days drive back home from Burning Man where we scored a big bag of Playa Gifts to give out at the screening. Also… What kind of art were we gifted and loaded on top of the truck? Come and find out at the screening… More surprises to come!

A Burning Man Film Showing and discussion on giving yourself the permission to create, experience and release the things that your imagination longs for.

What is Burning Man?

Burning Man invites 80,000 plus participant/attendees to one of the most remote spots possible and encourages active involvement from all those who come to that blank space. Make a unique Theme Camp and host all who come, build seemingly impossible works of art in one of the hardest places to do so. To investigate the unique event, we will screen the 2015 film Reborn from Ashes produced by the International Wood Culture Society (IWCS).

After the film, Dave X who has been involved with Burning Man for the last 30 years will lead a discussion on giving yourself the permission to create, experience and release the things that your imagination longs for. We will have an Art surprise direct from this year’s event and a pile of stickers and swag until it runs out!

UPDATE: We are pleased to announce that one of the film makers Mona Xuanjin Wu is going to be taking part in this night of exploring Burning Man.  It will be great to hear Mona’s experience documenting the experience

And joining us to shed light on creating art will be the Artist Antwane Lee of the Solar Shrine project at Burning Man this year. The Solar Shrine was a Afrofuturistic, interactive art installation that was inspired by the magical realism of Ancient Egypt and Nubia. https://solarshrine.org/

Mona Wu has been working for the NOGs for nine years as a convention & exhibition planner, project manager as well as a documentary film producer. She has been involved with the IWCS Burning Man project documentaries from their beginnings in 2015 and just wrapped the documentation of this year’s event. Mona created a post on Burning Man Journal that described the adventure as a foreign film crew coming from another side of the world to Black Rock City, Mona hopes to show people what this event is about and all the stories in between.

Antwane Lee was the lead artist and designer of The Solar Shrine Project at Burning Man 2022. He is a licensed architect practicing in Chicago and has over 24 years of experience in the profession. He provides effective leadership on large scale, multi-million dollar projects. Antwane is very involved in the community, sits on various art and civic committees and boards, and curates events on Afrofuturism, science-fiction, and mythology. He regularly attends regional Burner events and has worked on related art projects. Antwane is passionate about building holistic environments which merge art, history, and spirituality.

The Solar Shrine was a large-scale Afrofuturistic art installation inspired by the magical realism of Ancient Egypt and Nubia. These two ancient cultures believed in Ra, the Sun God. Ra had metaphysical powers as the giver of life on Earth and creator of the universe. From its early inception, Antwane designed The Solar Shrine as a prototype structure which could be built in Chicago’s underprivileged communities to provide a space for spiritual healing.

We hope to see you for this night at Burning Man in Viroqua!