Eurythmy with Joshua Ecklund ~ weekly workshop, every Tuesday

When: Tuesdays from 5:15 – 6:15 PM
Where: Sky movement studio (upstairs)
Cost: Donations welcome.

We are proud to see the return of Eurythmy instructor Joshua Ecklund and his regular Eurythmy workshops.

Any experience level, including novice, is welcome. All forms are taught and renewed with each class. Please wear clothes comfortable for movement.

In addition to being a beautiful performing art, Eurythmy is a therapeutic modality, a necessary subject in Waldorf education, a fountain of personal and spiritual development, and an orienting guide for right relation to the Earth, the Cosmos and each other.

 “In eurythmy we present, in the form and movement of the human organism, a direct external proof of a man’s share in the life of the supersensible world. When people do eurythmy they are linked directly with the supersensible world. ” – Rudolf Steiner